“I really enjoy the quick and on-time treatments that I get at Core Chiropractic. Plus his explanations about my condition and letting me be involved with scheduling of my visits/treatments so that I feel I am a part of my own care or should I say NOT being pushed in regards to my treatment and costs thereof. Times are tough for everyone these days and Dr. Wilhelmsen has shown his care for my treatment along with my ability to pay for treatment. A real pleasure to do business with.”
Ken F.

“Dr. Wilhelmsen is knowledgeable and thorough in his assessment and treatment, integrating the latest research and approaches. He is competent and skilled and excels at connecting with his patients through his exceptional compassion and kindness.”
Natalie S.

“The office energy was calm and relaxing. The environment was very peaceful and was a nice compliment to my adjustment.”
Allyx A.

“I was happy to notice improvement in my posture and a renewed strength in my back which is usually strained from my occupation. I’m certainly glad that I found Dr. Corey Wilhelmsen!”
Allyx A.

“Dr. Wilhelmsen is very professional, and cares about his patients.”
Mike K.

“After being adjusted, I have more energy, more calmness and clarity, and I swear I walk away in a better mood and feeling better able to navigate life’s challenges.”
Natalie S.

“I felt from the first of my visit that my comfort and well being were the only thing that mattered.”
Kathy G.

“Working with Dr. Wilhelmsen has finally brought me relief, healing, empowerment and hope. His gentle, effective adjustments leave me feeling centered and aligned.”
Natalie S.

“Dr. Wilhelmsen was very thorough and listened to what was going on with my back and neck pain and was able to relieve the pain in a few visits. Very good experience overall.”
Spencer B.

“Efficient, competent and caring are three words that describe Dr. Wilhelmsen. I appreciate his gentle adjustments and him taking the time to show me some stretches to help with my problem and pain. I’m looking forward to my upcoming adjustment and feel like my health in all areas is in good hands with his holistic assessment and approach.”
Natalie S.

“I have been to Chiropractors for over 40 years, Dr Wilhelmsen is by far the best. He focuses on the issues you are having and will help your body heal itself. I highly recommend Core Chiropractic.”
-Bill Jones

“Love the doc and the staff!! Friendly, calming, and assuring. I felt so much better and almost immediately!! I am always in and out…no waiting…and they have always accommodated my schedule. Thanks team at Core Chiro!!”
-Karyn Kuberski

“Great Chiropractor! Gentle and thorough!”
-Dana Naylor

“Very professional and gentle we will definitely go back to Dr. Wilhelmsen. Highly recommend to go to him!!”
-Crystal Laguna

“Dr. Wilhelmsen gave me the best experience I have had at a chiropractor. A professional relaxed environment, visit was quick he got me in and out fast and it felt awesome afterward. Top notch chiropractor, he also was great with my kids and has helped them stay aligned and healthy!”
-Adam Terry

“Dr. Wilhelmsen is an amazing doctor. You can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. He is so kind and caring. The adjustments are quick and easy… and most importantly offer relief. Thanks for being great! I highly recommend him.”
-Alanna Kaio

“Started coming due to regular headaches, after a few weeks headaches have reduced tremendously! Feeling lots better! Very friendly and caring. :)”
-Jedd Boren