At Core Chiropractic, located in St. George, we offer several highly effective adjustment techniques to help our clients who are suffering from spinal health issues, which can help reduce nervous system interference. From prone-specific techniques to intersegmental traction and prenatal care, our caring and knowledgeable approaches can help your body effectively heal itself. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you improve your health and reduce the risk of pain through chiropractic care. By using our body adjustment techniques, you’ll be able to reach optimal health—not to mention we tailor our programs specifically to your needs.

Our Body Adjustment Techniques

We offer six primary adjusting techniques for our clients, which include the following:

Prone-Specific Technique

Our prone-specific technique is a comfortable treatment for patients with pain because it is administered without popping or twisting any joints. Many patients are surprised with this treatment because it’s painless and offers amazing results.

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Our diversified technique helps to restore the proper movement to your spine. In addition to restoring movement, it will properly align your spine. This is a great option for patients who suffer from lost position or range of motion to their spine because it will free any spinal joints that are stuck or improperly aligned.

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Soft Tissue Release

Our soft tissue release is done through a system or movement-based massage. This technique is best suited for those looking for an alternative to traditional medicines used for muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, and nerve issues.

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Activator Method

Our activator method is a low-force chiropractic technique that uses a handheld device to manipulate the spine and its joints. This technique is used to bring mechanical force to the vertebrae and joints, which gives patients gentle impulses on their spine.

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Intersegmental Traction

Before clients receive a chiropractic adjustment, they may be subjected to intersegmental traction, which is a relaxing procedure that doesn’t last long. It helps to relax the discs, muscles, and ligaments in the body around the spine by using rollers to massage the spine.

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Prenatal Care

We also offer prenatal care techniques. Oftentimes bodies can change during pregnancy, such as developmental and hormonal changes. This can cause ligaments to shift, resulting in lower back pain. We’ll help reduce this pain with our prenatal care.

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