Intersegmental Traction in St. George UT

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

When you have back pain and are due for a chiropractic adjustment, intersegmental traction is a short, relaxing procedure that can be done before your adjustment. At Core Chiropractic we can help relieve your back pain with our intersegmental traction tables in St. George UT. Our chiropractic team can help you not only relax your muscles but increase the health of the discs in your back. Our special table will massage your spine in this non-invasive treatment to promote a healthy recovery.

What is Intersegmental Traction in St. George UT?

Intersegmental traction is a non-invasive procedure that uses a special table to reestablish the normal ranges of your spine and help your spine before a chiropractic adjustment. These tables can not only help with your spine’s ranges, but they can relax your muscles, which in turn will reduce muscle spasms. This is an excellent procedure for anyone that has sustained a back injury and is in the recovery stages.

The intersegmental traction table works by using electronic rollers that move up and down the spine to relax your muscles and help your body heal. During the treatment, the body’s spinal column is mobilized, which helps stretch muscles and ligaments and increases blood flow. When blood flow increases, it brings more oxygen to the body’s discs, which promotes strength and balance, helping you to heal.

Why You Might Need Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction can be used for several reasons. Whether you have tense or tight muscles, muscle spasms, any other back-related issues, or are recovering from a back injury, this is an excellent treatment option for you. If you have any issues related to your back, consider this procedure to help improve your health. Intersegmental traction also offers several benefits, including:

  • It adds joint motion to your body. Restoring motion to your joints is a key part of restoring your spinal function, especially if you’re recovering from an injury.
  • Your discs will be nurtured and hydrated. When your back is being massaged during this treatment, the intersegmental traction table will help circulate fluids. This keeps your discs hydrated and promotes healing.
  • You will have improved circulation. Through the massage, the rollers will stretch your muscles and ligaments to increase blood circulation throughout your back.

Intersegmental Traction Chiropractic Technique

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More people are seeking alternative methods to traditional medicine. With chiropractic care, individuals can maintain their health without invasive treatments. If you’re suffering from back pain in St. George, contact our professionals to schedule an appointment so that we can start relieving your pain and get you on the path to recovery with a personalized program. We offer the best care in the area to help you achieve your wellness goals. We also offer a free website membership program to help you understand your health. Contact us today!

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