We use several highly effective adjusting approaches at our St. George chiropractic office to help improve your spinal health and reduce nervous system interference. Our caring approach will help your body effectively heal itself.

The primary adjusting techniques we use include:

– Prone-Specific Technique
– Diversified
– Soft Tissue Release
– Activator Method
– Intersegmental Traction

Prone-Specific Technique
This approach is comfortable for patients because it is done with a gentle touch, with no twisting or popping. Many patients are amazed that this technique is so simple but can give such great results.

This adjustment technique can help restore proper movement and alignment of the spine. Vertebrae can lose their position or range of motion, and this will free ‘stuck up’ spinal joints.

Soft Tissue Release
Active release soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.

Activator Methods
We use one of the most popular “low force” chiropractic techniques in the world.

Intersegmental Traction
This is a short, relaxing procedure before your chiropractic adjustment. It increases the health of your discs and relaxes the muscles and ligaments directly surrounding your spine. It uses a special table with rollers that gently massage your spine.

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